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John Donoghue

After being hit by a car whilst cycling, I was recommended to Cycle Law Scotland, where Zara was quickly appointed to my case. Although this happened over lockdown, Zara and the team managed to get this resolved as quickly as possible. I was very happy with the outcome and I was kept up to date throughout the whole case. I would certainly recommend Cycle Law Scotland to anyone in this unfortunate situation. As they are keen cyclists themselves, it felt much more personal and they took care of everything for me.

Thanks again to Zara and the team.

Luke Fairbairn

Thank you so much for the excellent service provided by Jo and the team. I couldn't have asked for a better firm to help me with my case. Would highly recommend!

Keith Duncan

So grateful to the team at Cycle Law Scotland for helping me when I thought there was no one out there to be on my side as a cyclist.
Gives me faith in humanity.
Thank you for your hard work.

Ruth Livingstone

"Cycle law Scotland were so helpful after my life changing accident. They supported me all the way through, gave me advances on the final settlement when I was struggling financially, and it was so reassuring having real experts handling the legal side. Thanks for everything you’ve done!" 

Des Kenny

"Great service from first to last. Great communication throughout and 15% fee was a perfectly reasonable amount. Thank you." 

Jim Heath

"The service I received from cycle Law Scotland was exemplary from start to finish. They were in touch straightaway after I filled in the online form soon after my crash. The process was clearly explained throughout and communication was regular and easy to understand.
I would not hesitate recommending them to anyone unfortunate enough to get hurt whilst riding a bike."

Will Cawthorn

"I have been very impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the service provided by Cycle Law Scotland. The fact that they specialise in cycling-related incidents and have personal experience as cyclists really helps.

I'm delighted that I chose them to handle my case and would highly recommend them to others."  

Roland Inglis

"CLS have supported me through two cycle RTA's and have been first class in supporting me though to positive outcomes keeping me informed along the way."


"Very satisfied with all the help and advice I received from Roz. A very nice and pleasant person to engage with."

Noe Arroyo

"As recommended by my local bike shop, I contacted Cycle Law Scotland. From the very first conversation with my Lawyer, Jodi Gordon,she was kind and attentive. She worked hard to find the best doctors and psychologist for me. After 3 years I had to undergo surgery and asked her if would be possible to do this in Spain. She found a way to make it possible. However, 1 year later, my shoulder was still no better. She helped me again. For 7 years, she worked hard to make sure the court did not close my case. This was all possible because Jodi Gordon is an amazing Lawyer and human being.

Thanks a lot for all your help and hard work during these 7 years."

Guy Bromby

"Well done Cycle Law. A really systemised process following a concussion claim with a world class supporting cast. Congratulations."

Javier Roman

"Great service. They made the process really easy and I got a way bigger compensation than I had originally expected."

Alan Dean

"Great service and dealt with very professionally."

Iain Park

"Roz at Cycle Law Scotland was excellent at handling my case. She took the time to explain each step of the process ensuring I had a good understandingand setting out the implications for the decisions she was helping me to take. It's great having people who really understand cycling on your side!"

Paul Muzni

"Cycle Law Scotland guided me through my whole ordeal. Without their guidance, I don't think I would have been successful. I am most thankful for their help."

Tommy Donald

"Excellent support received with great advice, professionalism and updates received all in a timely manner."

Niall Spillane

"Being hit by a car and suffering serious injuries is an awful experience, so choosing the right person to represent you is critical to get right. Immediately after I was knocked down and still recovering in hospital (post ops), I made contact with Roz. When you are physically & emotionally scarred from the incident, finding someone you can trust is essential to your recovery and peace of mind.

It was important to me that the person who was to represent me was a fellow cyclist - someone who can both understand and empathise. Roz didn't just cover the financial aspects of injuries / loss of income but also covered much of the health needs I developed that the NHS is not set up to address. Roz secured much specialist health support funded by the driver's insurance. Roz proved to be a fantastic choice, trustworthy, communicative, professional, empathetic, friendly and went above and beyond what anyone could reasonably expect. No hesitation in recommending." 

Jamie Aarons

"As my bike had taken a bad hit, I decided to get it checked and discovered the frame had been broken by the taxi door. I called the taxi driver to let him know – and that’s when he turned nasty."

Andy Shaw

"As cycling is my main form of transport, I desperately needed a new bike but who was going to pay for it? After all, I’d done nothing wrong." 

Dougie Jameson

"I was very happy with how Brenda handled my case. I always knew what was going on, any delays were fully explained and if I had any questions, Brenda was easy to contact."

Isobel Wilson

"I’m very satisfied with how Cycle Law Scotland handled my case. I was kept up to date all the way through the process and Brenda was very efficient and gave me good advice. She made me feel like a valued customer rather than a victim. No doubt about it, Brenda Mitchell provided an excellent service."

Greg Clark

"My case was handled with the utmost professionalism from the start and I’m very happy with the outcome. Lots of people don’t understand that cyclists have a unique relationship with the road and with cars but Brenda and her team completely appreciate this, which was very good for me and for my case."

Ernest Richardson

"From my first interview with Brenda Mitchell, I knew I’d made the right choice. Brenda was highly knowledgeable and very experienced in this niche area of the law and, as a cyclist herself, she knew the score. In addition, Brenda displayed a caring side and I always felt I was a person rather than simply a case number."

Niall Dobbie

"I’m 100% happy with the service I received from the team at Cycle Law Scotland. Brenda and Jodi, who dealt with my case, were so pleasant to deal with and it really helped that everyone in the team is a cyclist as they all understood what I was going through. I can highly recommend Cycle Law Scotland.”

Mairi Lafferty

"I suffered various injuries, including a grazed jaw, severely bruised knees and bruised ribs, after being knocked off my bike by a car which had turned left sharply and without the end Cycle Law Scotland's perseverance paid off and in November 2013 the driver's insurance company offered me an out-of-court settlement for my written off bike, damage to my cycling gear, my injuries and loss of wages.......would I recommend Cycle Law Scotland to other cyclists? Absolutely!"

Bill Young

"Jodi at Cycle Law Scotland was able to settle my claim in under 6 months from the date of the collision which was incredible and my input into this was minimal during all phases."

Doug Guy

"As a cyclist involved in a serious accident, I definitely landed on my feet with Cycle Law Scotland. Highly professional, resolute and determined, they have done their absolute best for me every step of the way. I feel very fortunate and am completely satisfied with the outcome. A really great team."

Neil McDonald

"I used Cycle Law following an accident while cycling. I am extremely happy with the outcome and service I received from Cycle Law and would highly recommend them. They put my mind at ease during a stressful situation as well as obtaining a satisfactory financial settlement. Their strong and genuine sense of purpose is clearly evident."

Jennifer Wallace

"I highly recommend Cycle Law Scotland. After I was seriously injured while out cycling, Brenda and her team arranged an Immediate Needs Assessment, and the necessary rehabilitation therapies, before obtaining a full value settlement from the driver's insurers. Their expertise gave me the emotional space and time to recover and get back on the bike."

Walter Hamilton

"Superb service by cyclists for cyclists. I hope I never have to use them again but wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any cyclist involved in a traffic incident." 

Caitlin Rees

"Very happy with their customer centred approach, 10/10!"

Paul Corr

"First class service.  If you are unlucky enough to require a law firm don't go elsewhere Cycle Law Scotland is the answer."

Sally Nicol

"From the moment I contacted Cycle Law Scotland I was reassured that they knew what they were doing."

Ewan Wallace

"Cycle Law took the reins and with no hesitation settled the bike claim and within a few months had also settled the PI part."

Kieran Power

"They wanted what was right for me and wouldn’t be fazed by MIB loopholes. Quick, determined, professional and empathetic, exactly what you want in this situation. My thanks doesn’t go far enough."

Sean Campbell

"Cycle Law were fantastic after I had my accident. Jodi, in particular, was brilliant and helped to ensure that I got the immediate medical treatment I needed."

Jim Condie

"After a harrowing accident involving a badly-maintained cycle path, and me waking up in hospital with severe head injuries and no recollection of what had happened, it was suggested I contact Cycle Law Scotland. I'm very glad I did." Read jim's full testimonial

Grzegorz Wieckiewicz

"I cannot recommend Cycle Law Scotland enough. The outcome, the professionalism, the feeling of trust and having someone on my side at all times. The interest the team took in my well being - irreplaceable." Read Grzegorz's full testimonial.

Denis Shepherd

"Within six months of contacting Cycle Law Scotland, I received compensation into my bank account. Many thanks to CLS – they certainly earned their fee!" Read Denis's full testimonial.

Andy Kitchin

"Cycle Law Scotland made the process of obtaining compensation following a cycling accident very simple for me...The payment covered my costs and the added compensation for my injuries was a welcome bonus.CLS have communicated clearly and been fully supportive throughout." Read Andy's full testimonial.

Jenni McKenzie

"I couldn’t believe the figure they secured for me which was several dozen times more than I would have settled for without their expert guidance. I honestly had to double take that they hadn’t mistakenly added zeros! I’d highly recommend Roz and the whole team." Read Jenni's full testimonial.

Rory Brown

"The compensation I received well exceeded my expectations and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend CLS to anyone who is unfortunate enough to require legal help after a cycling accident." Read Rory's full testimonial.

Alice Lesley

"Following an unsuccessful Criminal trial where it felt as if my accident had been dismissed as inconsequential, I decided to proceed with a Civil claim. Jodi was very professional, helpful and the process was remarkably straightforward. The claim was then settled with the insurance company of the driver. I would very much recommend Cycle Law Scotland." Read Alice's full testimonial. 

Stewart Forbes

"I would like to say a huge thanks to Brenda and Thomas for all their help. I knew after my first meeting with Brenda that I had made the right choice going with CLS to represent me. Roz in the new Aberdeen office was also brilliant from our first meeting right through until a settlement was agreed. My advice to anyone who ends up in the same situation as me is to listen to Roz and trust her advice. Read Stewart's full testimonial and watch his video.

Pavel Rasek

"It was always very pleasant to communicate with Cycle Law Scotland and the fact most of the people (if not everyone) in Cycle Law Scotland are cyclists made the communication very easy." Read Pavel's full testimonial.

Tian Jiang

"They really don't miss a trick over there at Cycle Law. Feels nice that they actually ride too, commute, race, triathlons etc, helps when you start talking about kit and how much riding means to you. And friendly, so yes, recommended. Hopefully don't need to go back again but I'm glad they're around." Read Tian's full testimonial.

Adrian Evans

"After being struck by a car whilst out cycling in August 2017, I contacted Cycle Law Scotland from my hospital bed. From the initial phone call to the settlement of the claim, I cannot praise Jodi Gordon and the team enough for the guidance and support they gave me through a very challenging time for myself and my partner." Read Adrian's full testimonial.

Christine Chesterman

"I highly recommend Cycle Law Scotland. I didn't need to pay anything along the way for their legal services. The fee is taken as a percentage only once a settlement is reached and this too was always clearly explained." Read Christine's full testimonial

Hussein Mohammed

"Cycle Law Scotland took on my case and despite some delays caused by police Scotland taking its time to provide a report, they did an absolutely wonderful job in bringing this case to a satisfactory conclusion. If you ever need legal representation, I don't think you'll find a better place." Read the full testimonial.

John Raynor

"I chose to use Cycle Law Scotland as they are specialists in this field. I am so glad that I did, as looking back, if I hadn’t taken this action I would not have had a good resolution to my accident. Read John's full testimonial. 

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